Poker Continuation Betting

Continuation making a bet, while performed efficaciously, may be a very profitable play. although there are some matters to consider earlier than you pull that trigger. similar to the whole lot in poker, continuation betting is participant based. if you are heads-up towards an opponent that hates folding, then you definately probable shouldn’t wager without a few type of hand. then again, if you are towards an opponent who’s very tight and folds a lot, you then ought to be betting a wide variety of fingers. in case you are in a multi-way pot then you probably shouldn’t continuation bet with air as it is far too in all likelihood that at least one in every of your opponents has a few sort of hand that they may no longer fold.

Air – whilst a player has ‘air’, they don’t have any greater than a high card.

probable the maximum vital factor of whether to continuation guess or not is the flop texture. On dry flops you have to be continuation having a bet with a better frequency due to the fact there are fewer possible attracts to your opponent to chase, so you will regularly handiest be called by means of one pair+. One wet flops you must tread with caution. it’s far much more likely that your opponent may have as a minimum a drawing hand and all of us know humans hate folding flopped attracts. unless you have got flopped a few kind of hand, it is usually better to check and frequently surrender to any guess.

Dry Flop – when the three flop cards are not linked in any manner, developing few attracts.

wet Flop – when the three flop cards are closely linked, creating quite a few viable draws.

So shall we study a few examples of excellent and awful flops to continuation guess.

an amazing flop…

4-spades, eight-hearts, okay-diamonds

in case you recollect the range of palms that will name you then you may probably get some thing like okay-x,eight-x, forty four-AA, five-6, 6-7, 5-7 with x being a random card. i am certain you will agree that this is a pretty small range of palms. consequently, a continuation bet should be very profitable on this sort of flop.

A awful flop…

7-spades, 8-spades, nine-spades

Now this is one of the wettest flops you could get. shall we check the form of hands with the intention to name a continuation guess in this flop. 7-x, 8-x, nine-x, sixty six-AA, 10-x, any spade. this is a much bigger range of palms than inside the first example so you have to truly assume hard before making a bet this flop. it would likely be an excellent idea to surrender unless you have linked in a few manner.


bear in mind your opponent earlier than you do something

guess flops with air greater often towards tight gamers

guess flops with air less regularly in opposition to free players

bet dry flops with a much broader variety of arms

bet moist flops with a totally tight range of fingers

don’t be afraid to give up the hand and test/fold – You don’t want to attempt to win every hand

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